We've been 2 angels short of having 3 squares at monday lessons. Angels are encouraged to come and help out. Each monday class starts at 6:30pm and is a $4 donation.

Thursday class is close to graduating.We need angels on Thursday nights to come dance with us. Class starts at 6:30 and is a $4 donation.

Members please bring a finger food snack when you can and come dance and have fun with us.

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Beginner Square Dance Lessons


Regular dances are on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.
This month we have our birthday dance.

This month we have our St. Patrick's Day dance on March 9.

We're dancing a Teddy Bear themed dance on March 23.


We are having weekly Wednesday workshops. Come brush up on your mainstream and plus or come to angel the hard badgers.Phil-billy will work on requested calls as well as giving us floor time practice.