November/December 2016 Newsletter

Midway Dance December 11

The Rogue Valley Caller and Cuers announce the winter “Midway Dance” will be held at the Rogue Valley Square Dance Center in Medford on December 11, from 2- 4:30 PM. The dance will be called at the student level and will include Purple Heart tips as well as Split the Pot. Callers, students, dancers from all local clubs will participate. Please bring a $5 per dancer donation and finger foods. In exchange, you can expect an afternoon of fun, dancing and getting to know our newest dancers.

Experienced dancers are reminded that this is a student dance, please dance at their level and save the “styling touches” for another day



Got Clothes?

The annual ‘Experienced Square Dance Clothing sale is scheduled for December 4 – 17. This is an opportunity for our new and more accomplished dancers to build their square dance wardrobes. If you, like your editor, have square dance clothes that suffer from “Closet Shrinkage” please consider donating them to this worthy cause. For more information contact Karen Knowlton, 360-344-3959



November Dances Honor Vets: Work off Turkey


The November 12, Star Promenaders Mainstream/Plus dance will honor our nations veterans. The celebration will begin with pre-rounds with Bob Dingman  at 7:30 PM. At 8, Wayne will square us up for mainstream with every 3rd tip plus. We will have Split the Pot and door prizes. Vets get in free with a souvenir of their service. Please bring finger foods to share.

The monthly Plus/Advanced Dance on November 26th offers a great opportunity to dance off Thanksgiving’s added calories. According to the website, square dancing burns about 381 calories per hour. The “calorie burn” begins with A/1 and A/2 level squares from 6 – 7:30 PM: 572 calories burned. Bob Dingman’s prerounds from 7:30 to 8:00 add another 105 calories to the burn pile. Wayne returns to call plus tips from 8 to 10, burning an additional 762 calories. Add in about 105 calories for the tip rounds and you’ve successfully disposed of 1,554 excess Thanksgiving calories. How’s that for a good reason to come out?

 Don't Miss This

On Saturday, December 31, celebrate a Times Square New Years Eve with the Star Promenaders. Pre-rounds with Bob at 7:30 and Squares with Wayne at 8:00 PM. At midnight NYC time, we’ll watch the ball drop in Times Square and celebrate with cider (and maybe a little smootchin’). The dancing will then continue until we’re done celebrating.

Happy Birthday

In February of 1957, the Star Promenaders came into being. Celebrate 60 years of Star Promenading at our February 25, 2017 Birthday Dance. Randy Dibble returns to his old stomping grounds to call and Mary Callahan will be the cuer. More info next month. In meantime, tickets for the raffle of a beautiful quilt and stand are now available: $1 each or 6 for $5. They may be purchased at all dances.

A1 & A2 Workshop and Class

Starting September 7

Starting Wednesdays on September 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM until October 5 and then from 7:30 to 9:00 PM – Wayne Weaver will be giving Advanced Classes. $5.00 per person each lesson. Call Wayne Weaver for more information: 541-944-6274

Additional Information


For Bob Dingman’s Tuesday Night Round Dance Classes, see Bob 

For Ronde' Vouz Dance Club see Ed Phillips or call 541-661-0904

For Wayne Weaver’s Advanced Dancing workshops and classes, call 541-944-6279

For Lantz’s Dantzers activities, see  

For Charlie Brown’s activities see

Hall rental: 541-292-9498



Additional News 

Club News

Monthly Club Meeting

Monthly Club Meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM. Don’t miss your opportunity to speak out and be a part of the club’s life. Monthly meetings are also a great chance to socialize with long-time and newer members.

Kitchen Duty Roster


The following are scheduled for kitchen duty on the dates indicated. Remember, if you cannot serve on your assigned date, it is your responsibility to find another club member to take your place. Kitchen duty is a responsibility of membership, and those serving dance free on the night they serve.

November 12 Lin and Wil Scarrow

December 10 Bill Miller, Karen Knowlton, Cleve Mosley


November Birthdays

4 Susie Hawkins

6 Leona Wheatley

6 Ron Young

11 Victor Wigginton

14 Bob Harris

16 Dave Arrasmith

19 Ed Phillips

21 Walt Shontz

22 Karen Knowlton

23 Joyce Webster

27 Susie Collette

29 Roberta Claudson

November Anniversaries

5 Dann and Fay Houghton                       

8 Tom and Lyn Lemerlee

13 John and Glory Guches

23 Don and Joyce Webster

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